KEEN Student Grants

KEEN Student Grants were a unique funding program through the ASU Kern Grant from 2017 – 2020, focusing on offering funding opportunities to Fulton students that centered around projects and research that incorporated an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Read more about this initiative and other funding opportunities still available to ASU and Fulton Students. 

Other Funding Opportunities

While KEEN Student Grants are no longer funded, check out these other great funding opportunities:

KEEN Student Grants History + Impact

KEEN Student Mini-Grants (KSMG) and KEEN Student Research Grants (KSRG) were open to all Fulton students and student organizations to support entrepreneurial-minded campus events, projects or research. 

The entrepreneurial mindset (EM) is a problem-solving approach that begins with curiosity about our changing world, connecting information from various resources to gain insight, and identifying unexpected opportunities to create value.

From previous surveys, students have not only learned what the EM is, but were able to have much success throughout their careers at ASU implementing their projects and ideas. Here are some quotes from previous KEEN grant winners:

“By using the entrepreneurial mindset it allowed for our team to approach problems from a different angle and produce great results. Using this mindset allowed our team to take a critical approach and find problems that needed to be solved that were the most valuable. This allowed us to refine our technical skills more and create more value within the design we were making. Also by the curiosity aspect of the mindset it allowed for the teams to find unique solutions to problems and explore different solutions.”

– Hayden Michael Brandt

KEEN Student Grant Awardee, Spring 2020


“The Entrepreneurial mindset pushed students to break boundaries and reach out to new people and experiences that they hadn’t tried before.”

– Kathryn Chamberlin

KEEN Student Grant Awardee, Fall 2019


“Within our own organization, our students are now well equipped to take on future engineering challenges. By applying the engineering principles learned from the classes taken at Arizona State University to a hands on project, our team members now know how to apply them in future projects.  These competitions also created an opportunity for both our team and high-school students alike to further develop their entrepreneurial mindset.”

– Mason Smith

KEEN Student Grant Awardee, Spring 2019

Please direct all questions related to KEEN student grants to: Kristen Peña, [email protected]

Entrepreneurial Catalysts (EC’s)

The Entrepreneurial Catalysts provide coaching on incorporating  the Entrepreneurial Mindset/3C’s into the project design and ideation process, and related technical advice on the maker space environment and equipment

ASU Kern Grant

The ASU Kern Grant is engineering leadership, faculty and staff partnering with the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) to integrate the entrepreneurial mindset (EM) in engineering education on a national scale.


Twenty-five case studies that tell the story of FSE’s multi-year initiative to more fully and deeply integrate Entrepreneurial Mindset (EM) throughout its core, co-, and extra-curricular programs.