KEEN Entrepreneurial Catalysts

Fulton’s KEEN Entrepreneurial Catalysts (EC’s) began as a peer mentor initiative in 2017 as part of the ASU Kern Grant. The KEEN ECs were current engineering students who served as a peer resource to develop student engagement centered around the entrepreneurial mindset. 

As support from the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) has evolved, engineering students at Tempe and Polytechnic campuses are now fully supported by ASU’s Entrepreneurship + Innovation (E+I) Entrepreneurship Catalysts (EC) team!


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These catalysts focus on ASU-wide student entrepreneurs, navigating venture ideas, and student startups. There are two Entrepreneurship Catalysts who are Fulton majors, who you can connect with on:

  • Incorporating the Entrepreneurial Mindset – curiosity, connections, and creating value—in your ideation process for class based or student led projects
  • Navigate various resources available to Fulton students, especially related to entrepreneurship
  • Receive technical assistance and related advice on the maker spaces
  • Learn about campus events and how to get involved

KEEN Entrepreneurial Catalysts: History + Impact

The KEEN ECs worked alongside students helping engineering undergraduates receive funding for class and personal projects that incorporated the entrepreneurial mindset. 

ECs worked closely with student engagement and Entrepreneurship + Innovation @ Fulton that encouraged students to step outside of their comfort zone and implement ideas that would solve world-wide problems. 

The Art of the Elevator Pitch, which was presented at Devils Invent, was one of the ways that the ECs  encouraged not only just creating a good idea, but also how to pitch ideas well. This powerpoint can be found here

ECs also facilitated classroom presentations for capstone courses, ASU 101 and FSE 100. These presentations were ways that students learned the importance of EM and how they can broaden their engineering portfolio. An example of what was taught can be found here.

Please direct all questions related to KEEN Entrepreneurial Catalysts to: Kristen Peña, [email protected]

KEEN Student Funding Opportunities

KEEN Student Mini-Grants and Research Grants provide funding to students who incorporate an entrepreneurial minded approach in their research, project, or event.

ASU Kern Grant

The ASU Kern Grant is engineering leadership, faculty and staff partnering with the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) to integrate the entrepreneurial mindset (EM) in engineering education on a national scale.


Twenty-five case studies that tell the story of FSE’s multi-year initiative to more fully and deeply integrate Entrepreneurial Mindset (EM) throughout its core, co-, and extra-curricular programs.