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Engineering  |  Entrepreneurship + Innovation

KEEN Entrepreneurial Catalysts

Entrepreneurial Catalysts (EC’s) are current engineering students who serve as a peer resource. You can connect with an EC to:

  • Incorporate the Entrepreneurial Mindset – curiosity, connections, and creating value—in your ideation process for class based or student led projects
  • Navigate various resources available to Fulton students, especially related to entrepreneurship
  • Receive technical assistance and related advice on the maker spaces
  • Learn more about the KEEN student grant opportunities available to all Fulton students, as well as receive coaching on your application
  • Learn about campus events and how to get involved
  • Have an EC come present to a class regarding any of the above topics


Elena Darling

Elena Darling

Entrepreneurial Catalyst, Polytechnic

Elena is a junior studying Human Systems Engineering with a background in Product Design. She loves working with CAD softwares like Solidworks and is interested in product development, including user, market, and trend research, ideating, prototyping, and testing. She is excited to hear about students’ ideas and help them bring their concepts to life by figuring out how their innovations can have the greatest possible impact.


Make an appointment or schedule a video call with Elena here


Tyson Elias

Tyson Elias

Entrepreneurial Catalyst, Tempe

Tyson is an junior industrial engineering major. He is from a small town in Illinois and knows how to successfully integrate himself into a community as large as ASU. He became an Entrepreneurial Catalyst to better network himself with companies in the Metropolitan Phoenix area along with helping his fellow college colleagues do the same through the use of the Entrepreneurial Mindset. He likes to be a helping hand to any student looking to adjust on campus all the way to funding startup companies. His long term goal is to gain his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) but for now advising students is his next best thing.

 Make an appointment or schedule a video call with Tyson here.


Siena Storino

Siena Storino

Entrepreneurial Catalyst Lead, Tempe

Siena is currently a junior in Chemical Engineering at the Barrett Honors College at ASU. She has seen firsthand how crucial the entrepreneurial mindset is to industry professionals at her internship at Axalta Coating Systems. She enjoys being involved on campus especially in various engineering projects whether that be through EPICS, the career center or being a TA for FSE classes. She is more than happy to help and be a resource for anyone who has any questions.

Make an appointment or schedule a video call with Siena here.


Learn more here about a separate team of Catalysts who focus on ASU-wide student entrepreneurs, navigating venture ideas, and student startups.

The ASU Kern Project partners with the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) to integrate the entrepreneurial mindset in engineering education on a national scale. Funded by The Kern Family Foundation, the project aims to: (1) develop a set of resources that support mentorship of engineering faculty in building a community of practice that values quality teaching, impactful research, and instilling a collaborative and entrepreneurial mindset; and (2) impact ASU engineering students through curricular and co-curricular approaches by weaving the entrepreneurial mindset into courses and student engagement activities.

KEEN Student Funding Opportunities

KEEN Student Mini-Grants and Research Grants provide funding to students who incorporate an entrepreneurial minded approach in their research, project, or event.

ASU Kern Grant

The ASU Kern Grant is engineering leadership, faculty and staff partnering with the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) to integrate the entrepreneurial mindset (EM) in engineering education on a national scale.


Twenty-five case studies that tell the story of FSE’s multi-year initiative to more fully and deeply integrate Entrepreneurial Mindset (EM) throughout its core, co-, and extra-curricular programs.