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Engineering  |  Entrepreneurship + Innovation

E+I @ Fulton Knowledge Mobilization

E+I @ Fulton Knowledge Mobilization

ASU staff make ASU #1 in innovation. Join us.

ASU consistently ranks as the most innovative school in the nation, ahead of schools like MIT and Stanford. That’s because ASU staff members work hard to create ways for students to get the most out of their time at the university.

Importance of Entrepreneurship

Brent Sebold from Arizona State University talks about the importance of encouraging entrepreneurship within a university and its advantages for students. He also discusses how curiosity, connection and creating value can help students in gaining diverse experience.

ASU EM 101 Workshop (Part 3)

Watch Dr. Brent Sebold explain how KEEN’s online EM 101 + 102 offerings may be effectively leveraged and applied.

ASU EM 101 Workshop (Part 2)

Watch Dr. Brent Sebold share how the Entrepreneurial Mindset relates to ASU’s entrepreneurial design aspirations.

ASU EM 101 Workshop (Part 1)

Watch Dr. Brent Sebold share the fundamentals of the Entrepreneurial Mindset and explain how KEEN is a catalyst for this engineering education revolution.

A map of technology entrepreneurship: Aha to Exit

Steve T. Cho, Aram Chomina-Chavez, and Jason Bronowitz, who are three faculty members within the Fulton Schools’ Technology, Entrepreneurship and Management program, share their blueprint for an “Aha to Exit.”