Aha to Exit is composed of 10 steps and it identifies the process beginning with the innovator’s idea-a tool to control the process.

Start-Up formation and execution can be a daunting proposition for a technologist. The uncertainty and number of unknowns translate into substantial risk, which can discourage an engineer from even starting a company. One approach to address that risk is through instruction; by understanding the path through the start-up process, the variability is decreased and confidence can be cultivated. Although there are several approaches to teaching technology entrepreneurship, these approaches have biases which create limitations with regards to the focus, scope, and applicability of the training. This paper presents a framework for technology entrepreneurship instruction that addresses these issues. The foundation of this approach is based on a map (pictured above) called Aha to Exit. This map outlines a process that covers the entire path of a start-up (ideation to harvest), integrates the best practice models, and addresses the barrier of entry issues for entrepreneurs. This map is employed by professionals as well as students.

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