2021 GCSP Entrepreneurial Experience

GCSP Entrepreneurial Experience: Health – Virtual!

In summer 2021, ASU will host 40 Grand Challenges Scholars Program students from across the nation to explore the GCSP theme of health. Students will research, design and develop a product/service and a business plan. Participants of the program will collaborate on a multi-institution team to:

  • Explore applications of health in non-profit, public, government, and private sectors
  • Make industry connections and explore real world applications
  • Make progress towards the Viable Business/Entrepreneurship Competency of GCSP
  • Build their resume by gaining marketable skills desired by industry
  • Explore the health theme through virtual site visits, tours, and expert speakers
  • Prototype in their home with materials shipped directly to them


This immersive experience is open to all GCSP undergraduate, engineering students. We have awarded spots to 15 institutions! This unique experience will allow multi-institution teams to collaborate on applications of health and hands-on project based learning.


Due to the many considerations, we have decided to host a virtual event. This event will be virtually hosted via Zoom, Canvas, and Slack.


Wednesday, June 9, 2021 – Friday, July 30, 2021 (7.5 weeks). This experience will be approximately 16 hours per week, with only 2-5 hours per week planned to be synchronous meeting times, tours, and guest lectures.


Check out highlights from last year’s GCSP Entrepreneurial Experience: Sustainability HERE.