EFIC Think Tanks | Overview

Engineering Faculty Impact Collaborative (EFIC)

EFIC’s goal is to build a community of practice among institutions and faculty that values impactful research, quality teaching, a collaborative mindset, and personal development for a meaningful life. Aligned with entrepreneurial mindset (EM), EFIC contributes to the knowledge base on effective mentorship, connects to build and share professional development opportunities, and instigates action to advance faculty mentorship through a faculty’s career. EFIC aims to Contribute, Connect, and Instigate.

Think Tank Convenings

Think Tank I brought together key stakeholders to share results from customer discovery with deans across the country focused on identifying attributes that differentiate institutions, and inventory existing faculty development/mentorship models within KEEN and engineering societies. Think Tank II provided input and direction on how EFIC will function to advance the interests of the community and enable broad impact, establish partnerships on specific areas of investigation, and develop plans to implement studies/activities starting in 2019.