Technological Entrepreneurship and Management Courses

Seminar in Entrepreneurship – TEM 100
Exposes students to careers in entrepreneurship by inviting diverse entrepreneurs to discuss their businesses, backgrounds, and share their stories on starting and growing their ventures.

Understanding the Enterprise – TEM 110
Introduces essential functions required in technology-based and innovative enterprises, and views their relationship together, as well as examines the enterprise’s role in society.

My Technology Venture – TEM 200
Introduces the concept of entrepreneurship through venture practice and self-reflection to help students understand their potential roles in a technology-driven marketplace.

Creativity and Business Innovation – TEM 230
Exposes processes related to developing creative skills and habits with an emphasis on problem solving and design, while also introducing techniques of innovation.

Design Methodology – TEM 250
Outlines product design method and provides opportunity to apply it to a design project including identifying needs, setting target specifications, prototyping and testing, and more.

Promotion of the Enterprise – TMC 310
Building and maintaining customers with an emphasis on developing a market identity, as well as sales for technology-based enterprises.

Funding the Enterprise – TEM 320
Focuses on financial resource management techniques utilized by U.S. domestic companies, and covers the unique aspects of revenue accounting and its application to company operations.

Leading the Enterprise – TMC 330 
Essential practices for managers, including planning, organizing, leading and controlling the enterprise. Studies current issues, such as sustainability, environmental protection, and more.

Systems Innovation – TEM 330
Investigates how innovators can incorporate the knowledge of complex systems into the processes of technology development, product/service innovation, and venture development.

Technology Entrepreneurship – TEM 400
Advances fundamental principles and concepts of technology entrepreneurship, such as transferring knowledge into processes and products that benefit society, and more.

Enterprise Operations – TMC 410
Emphasizes basic principles of enterprise operations management, as well as uses common decision-making issues and related qualitative and quantitative techniques.

Enterprise Strategy and Innovation- TMC 430
Course focuses on enterprising strategic plan development and implementation, concepts of open innovation, environmental opportunities and threats, organizational and management considerations, and more.

Innovation Management – TEM 431
Students will engage in future technology forecasting techniques, and emerging trends on responsible innovation, such as technology ethics, sustainability of innovation, and more.

Pro-Seminar | Senior Project – TMC 498
The capstone project refines skills in communication, research and information retrieval, critical analysis and criticism, and demonstrates technical competence in each student’s area of study. This course satisfies a general studies literacy (L) requirement.

Startup Workshop – TEM 482
Students launch their own technology-based ventures with collaboration and mentorship from colleagues/faculty. Explores the fundamentals and principles of entrepreneurship suitable for undergraduate technology entrepreneurship. 

Disruptive Technology and Innovation Management – TEM 531
Graduate level course dives deeper into disruptive innovation management and practice. Students will engage in future technology forecasting techniques, and emerging trends on responsible innovation.

Global Impact Entrepreneurship – TEM 598
Graduate level course examining global entrepreneurship topics, including international enterprise development, cultural considerations, current politics, modern supply chain considerations, and more.