Student Organizations

Startup Village

Startup Village is a living/learning community at the Polytechnic campus that fosters a culture of innovation via networking with like-minded students, local entrepreneurs, and faculty.

University Innovation Fellows

This UIF program empowers student leaders from ASU and across the country to catalyze greater levels of innovation and entrepreneurship activity on their campuses.


A Sun Devil team that aims to win an Elon Musk (SpaceX)-sponsored initiative to create a high-speed train from LA to San Francisco.

Rossum Rumblers

Students at the Polytechnic campus who are passionate about automation, robotics, and technology innovation.

Software Development Association – SoDA

A Software development club for ASU students interested in sharing, collaborating, or expanding their software skills and projects.

Desert Hacks

Members build collaborative and innovative communities by participating in weekend events to learn new concepts, build new projects, and meet new people.