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KEEN Student Research Grants (KSRG) – FAQ

Who can apply?

Open to all Fulton Engineering students!

When are the deadlines?

For Fall 2019, the deadline for applications for a KSRG is Friday, September 6, 2019Due to this grant’s deliverable and research stipend, there are deadlines at the beginning of every semester for applications.

How much can I receive with a KSRG?

Typical KSRG awards are very similar to FURI with materials and supplies covered for the semester as well as the opportunity for a research stipend. The average amount awarded to-date is $1,300.

Can anyone receive a research stipend?

No. If you are a current FURI student receiving a stipend, your KSRG award would only include supplemental funding of materials and supplies. You cannot receive both the FURI and KEEN stipend in the same semester. Additionally, if you are a GCSP student, you cannot receive two stipends in the same semester.

Are there deliverables for the research stipend?

Yes – you will need to complete a mid-semester and end-of-semester summary, as well as participate in a FURI Symposium. More details on this process would be sent after the award.

What is the application process?

The application guidelines are detailed on the application pages and are fairly straightforward:

  • View 3 Short Videos + Review KEEN Framework Documents
  • Complete short quiz
  • Fill out the application page and attach the proposal narrative and budget template
  • If you are not a current FURI student, also include your resume, unofficial transcript, timeline, and research proposal with references
  • Faculty Letter of Support submitted via email by faculty mentor
  • Wait to hear!

What have students received grants for in the past?

Fulton students have used their KSRG award to create value and connections in a myriad of topics! Here are a few examples:

  • Breast Cancer Dormancy via 3D Spheroids
  • Recycling 3D Printing waste
  • Embeddable Nanocomposite Smart Sensors

Are there any conditions to receiving a KSRG?

All awardees will be required to design a poster and present at an upcoming FURI Symposium. More information on templates and guidelines would be sent upon award.

Can I discuss my proposal with anyone before applying to ensure it incorporates the entrepreneurial mindset?

Yes! You can always make an appointment with an Entrepreneurial Catalyst (EC) to discuss your application and proposal ideas. EC’s are current students who can help you navigate ASU’s entrepreneurial resources, refer you to relevant opportunities and provide coaching if you are beginning to develop your own idea.

You can also email Kristen Pena ( with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Spring 2020 Awardees! 

Phillips, Connor

Nanda, Tanya

Hussein, Menna

Brown, Earl

Koa, Matilda

Past Awardees

Browning, Blake

Kolari, Pranvera

Lucero, Trevor

Shafa, Taha

Vaughn, Christopher

Whetton, Justin

Shropshire, Zachery

Mayar Allam

Trevor Lucero

James Tobin

Joshua Hsu

Benjamin Shindel

Luke Martin

JJ Garrard

Luis Castillo & Surya Iyer

Ryan Fagan

Jacob Knaup

James Tobin

Alex Maltagliati

Shubham Sonawani

Yegor Zenkov

Aditya Khuller

Ben Killpack

John Woodward

Raquel Camarena

Quinn Beauparlant

“ASU’s KEEN student research grant has impacted me immensely by changing the way I approach engineering problems by using the entrepreneurial mindset to find a need in society and solutions that create value for others. I have learned to use my natural curiosity to make key connections to integrate discoveries for better, more innovative ideas.”

Aditya Khuller

Spring 2017