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KEEN Student Mini-Grants (KSMG) – FAQ

Who can apply?

Open to all Fulton Engineering students and student organizations!

When are the deadlines?

Our student grants have rolling deadlines – so you can apply anytime during the semester!

Do you fund for travel related to entrepreneurial projects or competitions?

In the past, our KSMGs have funded awardee travel related to entrepreneurial research, projects, or competitions. However, our project is no longer prioritizing travel related expenses for awardees. Materials/supplies related to such projects is still being awarded. Other travel opportunities for students/student orgs include:

How much can I receive with a KSMG?

Typical KSMG awards range from $400 – $1,550 for individuals, depending on the proposal, location of the event/conference, and size of the event. The average amount awarded to-date is $1,525. Student organization or group awards can range higher.

What is the application process?

The application guidelines are detailed on the application pages and are fairly straightforward:

      • View 3 Short Videos + Review KEEN Framework Documents
      • Complete short quiz
      • Fill out the application page and attach the proposal narrative and budget template
      • Faculty Letter of Support submitted via email by faculty mentor
      • Wait to hear!

What have students received grants for in the past?

Fulton students have used their KSMG award to create value and connections in a myriad of projects! Here are a few examples of how awardees are advancing entrepreneurial mindset at ASU:

      • Robotics for painting sport fields
      • AZLoop – Arizona’s Competition Hyperloop Team
      • The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) synthetic biology competition
      • AirDevils: Aerospace Design Workshop (Fall 2017)
      • AIAA: Business Design Workshop (Fall 2017)

Are there any conditions to receiving a KSMG?

All awardees will be required to design a poster to present at an upcoming FURI Symposium. More information on templates and guidelines would be sent upon award.

Can I discuss my proposal with anyone before applying to ensure it incorporates the entrepreneurial mindset?

Yes! You can always make an appointment with an Entrepreneurial Catalyst (EC) to discuss your application and proposal ideas. EC’s are current students who can help you navigate ASU’s entrepreneurial resources, refer you to relevant opportunities and provide coaching if you are beginning to develop your own idea.

You can also email Kristen Pena ( with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Awardees!

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

Helios Rocketry

ASCE Concrete Canoe Team

Desert WAVE

Rossum Rumblers Robotics (RRR)

Sun Devil Robotics Club (SDRC)

Underwater Robotics at Arizona State (ASUR)

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

AIChE Chemical Engineering Car Team

Michael Amato + Sahas Chitlange + David Judkins (RealWheel)

Past Awardees

SDR Baja

SEDS Rocketry

American Society of Mechanical Engineers


Helios Rocketry

Sabzehparvar, Amirali

Castillo, Luis

Rossum Rumblers Robotics

Cabrera, Juan

Goss, Derek

NASA Space Grant Robotics

Chrest, Matthew

Nelson, Jade

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

NASA Space Grant Robotics 

Fulton Student Council

Patrick McFarland

Dhruv Rajani, Ayan Joshi, Khyati Raka, and Nithin Sagar Nallagula

Sun Devil Racing (SDR) Baja Team

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space ASU Rocketry Division (SEDS)

Air Devils



Irfan Kula


Kyrsten Novak

Kishen Mahadevan 

Evvan Morton


“The KEEN grant has provided our team with the opportunity to display our entrepreneurial mindset to the worldwide community and make connections with others along the way. Our curiosity allowed us to find innovative ways to solve real world problems while creating value by contributing to the bioengineering community.”

ASU iGEM Team 2017