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About the Hool Coury Law Grad Tech Challenge

The Hool Coury Law Grad Tech Challenge is part of ASU’s Startup Funding Network, a suite of startup funding tracks that are defined and led by the University’s colleges and schools. The ASU Funding Network is designed to activate the New American University’s design aspiration of valuing entrepreneurship and providing entrepreneurial experiences to all ASU affiliates.

The Hool Coury Law Grad Tech Challenge, powered by the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, enables practicing entrepreneurs to win between $1,000 and $10,000 in seed grant funding, along with professional Venture Mentorship and additional startup support offerings.

The Hool Coury Law Grad Tech Challenge is open to all ASU-affiliated entrepreneurs who aim to prove or disprove that there is valid demand for a prototyped solution (product or service) beyond an initial beneficiary or customer. Organized by Entrepreneurship + Innovation @ Fulton Schools, this bi-annual competition aims to strategically develop early-stage technology ventures that may be well suited to compete for and win other ASU, local, national, and global entrepreneurship competitions. The Hool Coury Law Grad Tech Challenge also helps all supported ventures to develop repeatable and scalable business models, regardless of follow-on funding or support opportunities.

About Hool Coury Law

Hool Coury Law is committed to entrepreneurial success, representing investors and helping ventures scale from start-up to exit. We leverage our legal and business knowledge with our entrepreneurial spirit & connections. Hool Coury Law is located in the Heart of Phoenix, in the Biltmore Financial Center, where our attorneys leverage the deep legal and business knowledge attained over 25 years to help our clients achieve their goals.

How it Works

The Hool Coury Law Grad Tech Challenge features several highly competitive phases. First, competitors must apply to the ASU Venture Devils program. Venture Devils applications are accepted and processed five times per year, coinciding with the Fall A+B, Spring A+B, and Summer C session start dates.

Applications must be submitted exactly one week before classes begin for any given Fall A+B, Spring A+B, and Summer C session in which you aim to participate. This application deadline cycle is essential to ensure that we are able to review your application information and match you with an appropriate Venture Mentor and Funding Network track prior to the start of the session.

See the ASU Academic Calendar for future Fall A+B, Spring A+B, and Summer C start dates and be sure to apply at least one week prior.

Next, once your startup joins the ASU Venture Devils family, you will be invited to participate in our bi-annual Pitch Playoff and Demo Day events.

During the Pitch Playoffs each October and March, several volunteer evaluator panels will determine which ASU-affiliated startups are worthy of an array of available seed grants, ranging between $1,000 and $100,000 in value.

Finally, during the Demo Day events each December and April, Hool Coury Law Grad Tech Challenge judging panel will determine which ASU-affiliated technology startups are worthy of seed grants ranging between $1,000 and $10,000 in value.

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