About the Hool Coury GradTech Challenge


The Fulton School of Engineering Hool Coury GradTech Challenge enables two winning student teams to win $10,000 in cash and services, consisting of $5,000 cash for seed funding and $5,000 in legal services, to advance their entrepreneurial ventures.

The Hool Coury GradTech Challenge is open to all ASU student entrepreneurial teams that have at least one student who is pursuing a graduate engineering degree in the ASU Fulton School of Engineering. Organized by Entrepreneurship + Innovation @ Fulton Schools, this bi-annual competition aims to strategically launch early-stage student ventures that solve a problem in the marketplace. The Hool Coury GradTech Challenge helps all supported ventures to develop scalable business models, regardless of follow-on funding or support opportunities. Only competitors who are taking (or intend to take) tangible steps toward bringing a product or service to market should apply. The competition is not intended for purely research purposes.

About Hool Coury Law


Hool Coury Law is a Phoenix-based international law firm focused on entrepreneurial success, representing investors and growing ventures from start-up to exit. The firm leverages its entrepreneurial spirit, connections, and the deep legal and business knowledge attained over 30 years to help clients achieve their goals. The firm has expertise in all aspects of fund formation, angel and venture investing, and corporate representation, contracting, financing, licensing, regulatory work, and mergers and acquisitions. The firm’s lawyers serve as advisors, counsel, and as a connection resource for hundreds of high growth companies, entrepreneurs, and investors

Michael Hool

Michael Hool

Michael Hool is the founding partner of Hool Coury Law. For over 30 years, Michael has assisted select companies as an advisor, legal counsel and periodically in executive and board capacities. Michael’s expertise includes technology licensing and protection, corporate and commercial representation, securities, finance and venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance matters, and all aspects of counseling emerging companies.

Michael represents or advises accelerators, incubators, and has formed three active angel investment groups, including ATIF (predecessor to AzTech Investors) and Canyon Angels. Michael was recognized as one of the top 100 Most Influential Lawyers in the United States by the Business Journal. Michael is active as a speaker and author of papers on a broad variety of topics. He is an active investor in a growing portfolio of emerging companies. Michael is a Sun Devil, having received his BS in Finance with honors from the School of Business and his JD (Cum Laude) from the ASU Law School where he served as the Executive Managing Editor of the Law Journal.

How it Works


The Hool Coury GradTech Challenge features several highly competitive phases. First, competitors must apply to the ASU Venture Devils program. Venture Devils applications are accepted and processed five times per year, coinciding with the Fall A+B, Spring A+B, and Summer C session start dates.

Applications must be submitted exactly one week before classes begin for any given Fall A+B, Spring A+B, and Summer C session in which you aim to participate. This application deadline cycle is essential to ensure that we are able to review your application information and match you with an appropriate Venture Mentor and Funding Network track prior to the start of the session. See the ASU Academic Calendar for future Fall A+B, Spring A+B, and Summer C start dates and be sure to apply at least one week prior.

Next, once your startup joins the ASU Venture Devils family, you will be invited to participate in our bi-annual Pitch Playoff and Demo Day events. During the Pitch Playoffs each October and March, several volunteer evaluator panels will determine which ASU-affiliated startups are worthy of an array of available seed grants, including the Hool Coury GradTech Challenge.

Finally, during the Demo Day events each December and April, a Hool Coury GradTech Challenge judging panel will determine which ASU-affiliated technology startups are worthy of the two $10,000 awards ($5,000 cash and $5,000 legal services).


Student and Team Eligibility


All full- or part-time student teams at Arizona State University may participate so long as one student on the team is pursuing a graduate level degree in the Fulton School of Engineering at ASU.

Individual students or teams are eligible. Multidisciplinary teams are preferred. The team leader must be a full-time or part-time undergraduate or graduate degree-seeking student during the program period. Finalist applicants will be asked to provide proof of enrollment and winners must be in good academic and disciplinary standing at the time awards are presented.

Although teams should seek advice from mentors, the project, prototype, venture, or partnership idea must be student-led. The competition is not intended to advance ventures of faculty researchers who have only nominal ownership or involvement by the qualifying graduate student. Applicants are encouraged to incorporate members and/or mentors from different departments or colleges within the university. Teams may also have members who are not affiliated with the university (e.g., friends, family, work colleagues, etc. who are not ASU students)

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