Fulton Difference Experiential Learning Grant

Purpose and description

The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering Student Engagement office offers competitive funding to current undergraduate Fulton students to support experiential learning opportunities that enhance their engineering education and bring recognition to the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. Experiential learning encompasses high-impact practices that take ideas and concepts beyond the classroom. Students engage in direct experience that increases knowledge, develops skills, adds educational value, and enhances individual capacities.

Who is eligible?

All currently enrolled Fulton Schools of Engineering undergraduate students in good academic standing are eligible to apply for the Fulton Difference Experiential Learning Grant. Eligible experiences include:

  • Study Abroad travel (airfare)
  • Travel to present at conference
  • Travel to participate in a funding competition (venture related)
  • Training and professional development opportunities
  • Student’s own ideas that meet grant requirements

What’s needed to apply?

Please prepare the following items for submission with your application:

Online submission application

This application requires that you provide your personal information; experience information, including a link to the conference, competition,etc. web site that includes the name of the experience, daily agenda, location. We highly recommend you prepare this information prior to submitting your application.

Research abstract (if applicable, 100 words maximum)

Please write a 50-100 word abstract that is accessible to the layperson about your research and its’ impact. Please do not write in first-person (i.e. write “The researchers did” instead of “I did”). Please also clarify what acronyms stand for.

Personal statement (400 words minimum)

Your personal statement should be thoughtful and well-articulated, and address one or more of the following prompts:

  • What is your motivation for participating in this experience?
  • What are your intended outcomes for this experience?
  • How will this experience enhance your academic experience?
  • What actions will you take that will maximize your learning experience?
  • How does your cultural or personal background influence your interest in this experience?

We encourage you to take advantage of the different resources on campus, including the Writing Center, to present a well-written personal statement. We also encourage you to reach out to a faculty member within your school to provide feedback on your personal statement before application submission.

Budget/amount requested

You may request funding for event registration, airfare, hotel, mileage, car rentals, meals during the experience, ground transportation, and incidental expenditures (experience materials and supplies) as appropriate. Students applying for any ASU Study Abroad experiences may apply for funding towards the cost of airfare.

What is mileage?  We highly encourage you to seek additional funding from other sources. You will be asked to provide information regarding additional funding sources, contacts and amounts as part of the review and post-travel process. Please use the provided budget worksheet to accurately determine your requested amount of funding. You may use this tool to budget your expenses for this experience. 

Unofficial transcript

To download your Unofficial Academic Transcript:

1. Log in to your MyASU page

2. Under the “Classes” tab in upper left corner, click on “Transcripts & Test Scores”

3. Select “Unofficial Transcript”

4. A PDF version of your Unofficial Transcript will download to your device

Experience confirmation

Provide documentation that confirms this experience is occurring. If you are presenting at a conference, provide the confirmation message that confirms you will be speaking at the event.

Faculty mentor letter of support

Provide a letter from a faculty mentor who expresses support for you to engage in this experience. If you are presenting at a conference, ask your mentor to mention that in their support letter.

Other funding sources & support opportunities

Expectations if funded by the Fulton Difference Experiential Learning Grant

Each funded applicant will be required to submit a final experience assessment that summarizes the outcomes of their event/project/travel and includes a focused reflection on how the experience will enhance their engineering education and professional preparedness.