FSE 502 – Strategic Enterprise Innovation

Empower yourself for success with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Learn to apply your innovative mindset

Employers and senior executives are expecting our engineering graduates to have an entrepreneurial mindset. This course introduces strategies, techniques, and practices of process, product, and management innovation across the enterprise. By enrolling in this course, you’ll be setting yourself apart by demonstrating your ability to apply entrepreneurial thinking and innovation management methods within any size organization, including your own. Don’t miss out – enroll today.


All ASU graduate students, including Online


Spring semesters


ASU Tempe and ASU Online

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Course catalog description

Strategies, techniques, and practices of process, product, and management innovation across the enterprise.

Course overview

Innovation is the true driver of value creation. All enterprises from startups to Fortune 500s need a strategic framework to ensure that available resources are configured in the best possible way to develop and deliver value.

In FSE 502 you’ll learn how to use the four lenses of innovation, along with the Business Model Canvas to frame, capture and deliver innovations which are both strategic and value driven.

You’ll actively learn how to identify pressing problems and passions, develop impactful team-formed solutions, interact with customers and end users, and pitch your innovations to supporters and investors.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to immediately apply strategic innovation and value creation to your startup or current enterprise. You’ll have insights and experience in customer development, business development, commonsense finance and bootstrapping methodologies. This will enable you to advance your own venture or empower your role as an industry professional.

Learning outcomes

At the completion of this course students will be able to:

  1. Leverage an entrepreneurial mindset
  2. Apply the four lenses of innovation to advance your role as an industry professional
  3. Apply strategic innovation methods and processes
  4. Use validated learning and hypothesis testing to reduce risk in the process of innovation
  1. Develop business models using the strategic toolkit
  2. Learn how to create, deliver and capture value through continual innovation
  3. Apply and explain common sense business economics and finance
  4. Effectively pitch innovation to management using proven pitch deck designs

Course Textbooks

  • The 4 Lenses of Innovation
  • Value Proposition Design

About the instructor

Ken Mulligan

Ken Mulligan is an adjunct faculty member for the Startup Center within the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University. Mr. Mulligan is a veteran of several startups and has extensive experience in business development and complex technology sales. His work experience includes sophisticated real time data acquisition systems and simulators for flight training and operational procedures.

Ken has learned entrepreneurship the hard way – in the trenches with boots on the ground. He has been a co-founder of three startups and he understands the challenges and opportunities that technology entrepreneurship presents. He also has a consultancy, www.kenofzen.com, which helps early stage startups with issues of leadership, growth and traction. In addition, he also provides performance improvement consulting.

Ken earned an Electronics Technology bachelor of science degree, with a focus on Computer Sciences, from Arizona State University. Ken has also pursued his Master’s degree in Systems Engineering at Arizona State. He served as graduate teaching assistant in the Industrial Engineering Department and taught for a year in the School of Technology. In addition, he spent a year at the University of Houston taking courses in engineering reliability and advanced numerical methods for oil and gas exploration and simulation. He is a member of Alpha Pi Mu.

Student testimonials

Your Strategic Innovations Simulation exercise was great. Amazing. It really drove home the importance of analyzing market conditions, timing your investments, and sticking with a strategy based on the analysis.  I think it was critical to be able to employ the Exploration/Exploitation ideas as part of a time-based market strategy. Huge learning.

Thanks for a great semester! I had tons of fun learning in your class, it is one of the few classes I’ve taken so far where I actually enjoyed learning and was able to apply at work as I learned.

This class provided me with a practical and powerful approach to managing strategic innovation. I highly recommend it.

The strategic innovation process you taught in FSE 502 has been extremely helpful to me. The class assignment I’m submitting now is actually about the highest priority project I am working on. Thanks a lot for introducing us to the strategic toolkit.

The strategic innovations simulation really brings together all the concepts and tools useful for managing strategic innovation in any size enterprise. It was fun, challenging and enlightening.

I am writing this because I want to express my sincere gratitude to you. I am so glad to be your student in FSE 502 class and I benefit a lot from this class. I believe the knowledge I learned from each project in this class will not only inspire my future career, but also help with my startup team.

Thank you! Do you teach any other masters level classes besides 501?
I really enjoyed FSE 502.

Really enjoyed the class. The strategic innovation simulation was an excellent teaching tool.

I really enjoyed your class this semester. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

It’s been a great pleasure Professor Mulligan. I believe the most valuable part for me are the different tools we can use to not only come up with innovative ideas but also how we can follow them through towards actually implementing the ideas. In fact, I am now leading innovation sessions in our organization and I for sure share everything I have learned from this class to the rest of our team.