FSE 501 – Technology Entrepreneurship

Empower yourself for success with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Be the innovator employers want

Employers and senior executives are expecting our engineering graduates to have an entrepreneurial mindset. Yet, an entrepreneurial mindset cannot be gained by reading a textbook. FSE 501 is an action-oriented, experiential learning course that many graduates have indicated to be one of the “best collegiate courses” they have ever taken. Don’t miss out – enroll today.


All ASU graduate students, including Online


Fall semesters


ASU Tempe and ASU Online

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About the instructor

Ken Mulligan

Ken Mulligan is an adjunct faculty member for the Startup Center within the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University. Mr. Mulligan is a veteran of several startups and has extensive experience in business development and complex technology sales. His work experience includes sophisticated real time data acquisition systems and simulators for flight training and operational procedures.

Ken has learned entrepreneurship the hard way – in the trenches with boots on the ground. He has been a co-founder of three startups and he understands the challenges and opportunities that technology entrepreneurship presents. He also has a consultancy, www.kenofzen.com, which helps early stage startups with issues of leadership, growth and traction. In addition, he also provides performance improvement consulting.

Ken earned an Electronics Technology bachelor of science degree, with a focus on Computer Sciences, from Arizona State University. Ken has also pursued his Master’s degree in Systems Engineering at Arizona State. He served as graduate teaching assistant in the Industrial Engineering Department and taught for a year in the School of Technology. In addition, he spent a year at the University of Houston taking courses in engineering reliability and advanced numerical methods for oil and gas exploration and simulation. He is a member of Alpha Pi Mu.

Student testimonials

Really great course that allows you to get your hands dirty in the world of entrepreneurship.

The texts were really terrific. Probably some of the best texts in support of the course material I’ve seen.

Really liked the way we moved from an idea to a product/service in the class. I loved the way we tied a business model to this equation.

Excellent design of the course work, practical, and possibly life-changing!

Good course! A pleasant departure from the regular coursework.

I liked everything in this course. Instructor, mentors, assignments, presentations, etc.

It was a great to learn how to start a business but actually going out and trying to do so for a class.

Incredibly useful class that gave me skills I’ll use even if I don’t go on to do entrepreneurship specifically. The one-on-one feedback was also very impressive, and the connections and chance at winning money at the end of the class was great as well.

The level of engagement from the instructor and mentors and collaboration between online and in-person students – it was incredibly beneficial for feedback on the term project.

The instructor and guest mentors were great.