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Devils Invent: NKK SmartSwitch®

September 21–23, 2018 Tempe Campus

Devils Invent brought to you by NKK SmartSwitch® was focused on their SmartSwitch® technology. A SmartSwitch® is a revolutionary new way to combine the tactile feel of a button with the immersive display of a touch screen.

Event Winners

Team: The Boogie Babes
Team Members: Bodhi England, Sakura Swain, Nick Moran, Shaib Ahmed, Guibin Song, Taylor Miller
Project: The Boogie Bike is an idea to make using your phone while riding your bike less dangerous and more enjoyable. It extends the functions of a phone to a user interface panel mounted to the handlebar of the bike. By designing this user interface with the NKK Smart Switch, it allowed us to give the users the versatility of a touchscreen while simultaneously giving them the better accuracy of using a button in a turbulent environment. We think it’s the perfect way to reduce distractions, reduce accidents, and reduce frustration that users currently experience with touchscreens on bikes.


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October 23-28, 2018 –Tempe Campus

Devils Invent: IoT in support from Allstate and Cisco, partnered with Queen’s University Belfast to bring you our first ever collaborative international hackathon working together to solve our design challenge centered around the Internet of Things.

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