Applied Learning Opportunities

The Startup Center offers signature credit-bearing courses for all aspiring Fulton Engineering entrepreneurs, along with additional for-credit and non-credit workshops and modules that may be easily accessed by all students, regardless of major, degree requirements, or student status. Moreover, the Startup Center is well-positioned to direct students toward the numerous entrepreneurship-focused programs and courses that are also available within Fulton Engineering and across ASU.

Startup Center Signature Courses: FSE 301 + 501 + 598

FSE 301 Entrepreneurship and Value Creation is required for Fulton Engineering Grand Challenge Scholars Program students, but is open to any Fulton Engineering upperclassman who is interested in practicing entrepreneurship and innovation. FSE 501 Technology Entrepreneurship is open to all Fulton Engineering graduate-level students, regardless of academic discipline. FSE 598 New Venture Challenge is a course and competition designed for graduate students and their co-founders who seek to advance a new venture concept to the next stage, with the chance to win $100,000 in funding.

Startup Center Startup Workshops and Modules

The Startup Center staff facilitates ideation and customer development workshops that have been developed by the Office of the Vice President for Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Fulton Engineering students on a rolling basis. Additionally, the Startup Center provides entrepreneurship-focused modules to students and faculty within Fulton Engineering freshman introductory classes, Barrett honors programs, baccalaureate capstone classes, and graduate applied project courses. These entrepreneurship and innovation modules have been designed for all Fulton Engineering programs of study, including aviation, biological and health systems, cognitive science, computing, informatics and decision systems, environmental resource management, as well as electrical, energy, matter, transport, sustainability, and built environment engineering.


This collective endeavors to develop best practices in engineering education and to champion the entrepreneurial mindset in undergraduate engineering students.