Travel is often an opportunity for many to relax and take a break from their everyday lives. However, there are specific groups of people that often feel isolation or stress due to conditions or impairments that impact their daily lives. Tristan Tierce, a student in the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, aims to devise a solution for these groups.

Tierce is a junior at Barrett the Honors College at Arizona State University, pursuing concurrent degrees in Art Studies and Business Entrepreneurship. Tierce originally noticed the insufficient resources available to consumers with allergies or dietary restrictions when planning to travel abroad. He encountered numerous obstacles while trying to coordinate his trip to a foreign destination, leading him to notice the significant opportunity for additional resources for consumers and restaurants. Tierce was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis and Anaphylaxis at a young age, resulting in extensive complications adhering to dietary restrictions during travel. With prior experience in the Venture Devils Program at ASU and Tierce’s personal dietary restrictions, the genesis of World Wide Waffles began.

World Wide Waffles hosts the menus of restaurants to help people with dietary restrictions feel safe, secure, and confident while dining locally or abroad. Users can have access to search restaurants by region or by menu while having the ability to filter menus based on their specific dietary restrictions. People who utilize the service will be able to discover information such as allergens that are present in specific dishes, potential issues with cross-contamination, as well as other concierge-based services.

The service creates a mutually beneficial relationship between consumers and restaurants. By attracting consumers to contributing locations, restaurants benefit from elevated visibility. Simultaneously, users are presented with the opportunity to safely explore new restaurants locally and abroad. World Wide Waffles originated in the Tempe, Arizona area, and will soon expand further nationwide followed by its worldwide initiative beginning in Europe.

Across a two-year time frame, Tierce has established invaluable connections with restaurants located in the Tempe area, while also shaping global relationships. These accomplishments are acknowledged by his participation in multiple Venture Devil competitions and introducing his service at campus events such as Change the World and BIG PITCH. Tierce plans further to refine the service for both concierges and users. Plans include focusing on incorporating broader concierge-based features and introducing complementing services customized for users with specific dietary restrictions or requirements.

“My goal is to innovate travel for people with dietary restrictions. Whether that means continuing to advance World Wide Waffles or creating more resources in the future, I want to make dining safer for everyone.”

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