The beauty of entrepreneurship is that it comes in many shapes and sizes.  Lena Dick, a senior studying Mechanical Engineering at Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, took a different path than her typical engineering projects when it came to her venture idea for the FSE301 class. What started out as an outlet to reduce stress turned into a homemade artisanal bread venture. Haven’s Bread, a local artisanal bread company, offers people access to fresh, healthy, affordable bread options.

Over the past year, as school stress mounted, Lena found that baking bread reduced her stress levels. That soon evolved into baking loaves for family and friends, who expressed that a lack of access to fresh, affordable, delicious bread like hers existed. Lena began to wonder about the ways she could make healthy and hand-crafted artisan bread more available to others. For Lena, growing up in a European household, traditional artisan bread made from simple ingredients was a kitchen staple. As more people inquired about Lena’s bread, as a problem solver, she set out to find a solution.

Lena reached out to the public, collecting data to see if there was a market for this product. She reached out to Kaela Hamilton, an ASU student, and local Phoenician. Kaela explained, “I love artisanal bread, but the options at the grocery store or farmers’ markets are kind of expensive and lack that homemade authenticity.” After twenty in-depth interviews with people across the valley, it became apparent that there is a niche market for those searching for homemade loaves that are cost-friendly. Through the marketplace conversations, many people were searching for these main criteria in their bread: affordable, no additives, no preservatives, and customizable (for health concerns i.e., gluten-free). As she considered her bread-making models, it was important to find a way to incorporate these into her venture.

Many people purchase bread at the grocery store without realizing the repercussions. Chain grocery store breads are filled with preservatives and unhealthy ingredients. Many contain hydrogenated oils, bleached flour, and preservatives, which should not be consumed. They provide compromised nutrients, which can be harmful to one’s health. Another option is the farmers’ market or local bakeries, however, they are often out of students’ price range. With the given research and her drive, Lena set out to create her company, Haven’s Bread, in order to offer healthier bread to those in the valley area.

Lena created Haven’s bread with the intention of bringing back a staple food, in a more sustainable fashion. Haven’s Bread aims to provide a principal food for those across the valley while making sure the ingredients are healthy and nutritious.  Haven’s Bread has launched an Instagram account as the first step towards launching the business. With the Instagram account, different loaves of bread are showcased so customers can see the options available. Customers have the ability to order a pre-selected range of options or can create a totally custom order to match their needs. Customers can start a message with the account and order their customized loaves through direct messages. Haven’s Bread hopes to expand its online presence with a website soon!

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