Safe-Li licensed breakthrough technology on fire-safe lithium-ion batteries and lithium-metal batteries. The startup has the exclusive license to commercialize the technology from ASU’s Skysong Innovations. Through this partnership, Safe-Li was accepted into Shell’s GameChanger Program with $300,000 in seed funding awarded. Dr. Jerry Lin, the chief scientist of Safe-Li, has developed an innovative coating method to make batteries fire-safe. Chris Dee, chief operating officer and co-founder of Safe-Li, states that they are making an impact because, “The market is solving the symptoms of the fire issue, not the science. Dr. Lin has uniquely solved the science. He’s found a scientific approach to create a fire-safe lithium-ion battery.” When Safe-Li exits the GameChanger program, it expects to have a commercial-ready design for a multi-layer pouch cell battery ready for use in a variety of applications. Read the full story here.