Education is the foundation of success – it opens doors for invaluable professional opportunities and acts as a stepping stone for cultivating fulfilling and exciting careers. However, access to education is a privilege that not all have the opportunity to reap. This is especially the case for underprivileged orphans in developing countries.

Sruti Ganti, a senior Software Engineering, and Barrett Honors student, is working towards making education accessible for orphans in third-world countries. She is passionate about engineering and believes that every child should have the opportunity to learn and pursue their academic interests.

Through FSE 301: Entrepreneurship and Value Creation, Sruti was able to learn and apply key entrepreneurial/business skills while developing her venture: E = mcLearn. The objective of E = mcLearn is to partner with existing non-profit organizations in order to provide orphans with a more tailored and hands-on learning experience. “At first, it was a bit challenging and scary to step outside my comfort zone. In the end, I gained invaluable knowledge and developed a venture that means a lot to me, I’ve learned that entrepreneurship is essentially a way of thinking and can be applied to anything. This project has been a wonderful experience and I’m grateful for the mentorship and knowledge gained throughout. I’m looking forward to further developing E = mcLearn and am excited for what the future holds”, Sruti reflects.

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