Jared Pace, the youngest of eight children, stems from a long line of medical professionals and entrepreneurs. In his first semester of college, he started with the pre-med route but quickly discovered that medicine wasn’t his path in life. He quickly opted to pursue the second family tradition of entrepreneurship. Jared is currently majoring in Technological Entrepreneurship & Management (TEM). In this major, most classes consist of generating new start-up ideas and providing ample practice to strengthen entrepreneurial skills. Originating from one of these classes, Jared’s latest venture is called Mink Social. It was founded and developed in three TEM classes: Promoting the Enterprise, Founder’s Lab, and Entrepreneur and Value Creation.

Jared is a passionate podcast listener and this hobby has impacted his area of focus greatly. For his Entrepreneur and Value Creation Class taught by Professor Sebold and Professor Griffin, he decided to find a niche in the podcast industry which is growing at 31.2% CAGR (Globenewswire 2020)! He interviewed dozens of podcasters and podcast listeners. He shortly discovered that podcasters hate marketing which has caused them to repurpose their podcast content for social media. Thus, Mink Social was born! Mink Social is a podcast promotion software. It takes long-form content, mostly video-recorded podcasts, and repurposes them for short-form video, sound bites, long-form text, and short-form text.

By automating the backend work of repurposing long-form content into clips, Mink Social will be solving a niche problem in the podcasting industry that has not been addressed by any of their competitors. Mink Social is a response to this ongoing problem in the podcast industry. Their service will provide podcasters with a holistic solution to their podcasting production problems. It will allow podcasters to prioritize their time and money on creating better content. Mink Social promises to increase viewership for their users, all while cutting post-production costs and limiting the need for manual labor.

The principal feature of Mink Social, which they will develop in the next few months, is dynamic reposting. This feature integrates different social media platforms so that content can be repurposed and reformatted to increase viewership on multiple platforms. From one piece of long-form video or audio recording, the Mink Social team and their software can repurpose it into dozens of different postable pieces of content; making it easy for podcasters to market their podcasts on social media. This feature aims to ensure that podcast creators can focus their efforts on creating content. A podcaster simply needs to upload their recording on one platform, and Mink Social will handle the rest. Once a video or audio file is saved, it will be uploaded to their platform. From there, the team at Mink Social can ensure that it is reformatted and reused on other social media platforms. When it comes to repurposing content: their eventual goal is to integrate from audio to text, audio to tweets, audio to videos, audio to short-form reels, audio to sound bites, and other types of content.

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