Arceate Heath Innovation founded by Michael Li and Benjamin Voller-Brown is innovating solutions to help produce affordable medical supplies. One of the first problems they addressed was how to protect people from Malaria. Malaria is a devastating disease spread by mosquitos that significantly affects people in sub-Saharan Africa. Through their work in the Grand Challenger Scholar Program, they have been able to efficiently design and produce mosquito net patching kits to quickly and cheaply repair nets preventing mosquito bites. As their product developed, they were able to reduce the cost of the repair kits from $6 all way down to $0.33! Another key problem they solved was the development of an affordable walking stick, for blind people. This product was developed after a visit to a blind school in Uganda where they had to buy walking sticks for $20, which is a huge expense in their community. They were ultimately able to get the cost down to $5 helping those in need get access. Click here to read more about their story.