On Tuesday, November 11th, Hiedi Shyu the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering from the Department of Defense visited ASU. During her visit, she made the statement that a “valley of death” lies between lab research and large-scale fabrication. To see how this gap is being filled she visited ASU’s MacroTechnonolgy Works facility. The MacroTechnology Works facility supports ASU entrepreneurs in their work to accelerate semiconductor, advanced materials, and energy device research and production. With the CHIPS and Science Act passed this summer, $52 billion will be distributed to accelerate the development of these technologies. Startup Swift Coat founded by ASU Alum Peter Firth and ASU Assistant Profesor Zachary Holman is helping close the gap by developing and producing a variety of unique material coatings. Their innovative coatings have a variety of unique optical, chemical, thermal, electronic, and mechanical properties for various applications. Advent Diamond cofound by ASU alum Manpuneet Benipal, is innovating the semiconductor business by developing the next generation of semiconductor materials and components. After Shyu’s walkthrough, she was impressed with all the innovation coming out of ASU stating, ” The fact we can tap into an incredible ecosystem right here is so impressive.” For more details on Under Secretary Shyu’s Visit Click Here.