Entrepreneurship is not just about generating innovative ideas, it’s about making those ideas actually happen! Entrepreneurs have the power to bring about a change in society by identifying and solving problems through innovation.

Neha Shah, a senior majoring in Computer Science, at Barrett, the honors college developed an understanding of the Entrepreneurial mindset while working with engineering and business students in FSE 301/ ENT 360 – Entrepreneurship and Value Creation, a course that is often taken by Engineering and business students at Arizona State University to gain hands-on experience on building a venture to competing for funding.

During the duration of the course, Neha was able to work on CacheTheory, an online platform for Computer Science Students to find the best resources and tutorials online. The target audience is people like Kaira, a 20-year-old who is a junior majoring in Computer Science. Kaira spends a huge amount of time and money self-learning skills required to get her dream job.

CacheTheory helps her a lot, with a lot of research and many customer interviews, Neha the founder realized that there is a huge skill gap between education and the actual industry and in order to solve this problem for Kaira and many others like her, CacheTheory was created.

Today, most tech-related skills can be learned by buying courses online. However, the courses are either too long or outdated and in some cases, they are too expensive. But with CacheTheory, it is possible to get the best courses without having to spend too much time and money. Along with discussion forums and a customizable dashboard, Cachtheory users have the option to choose either a course package or a single course. This makes CacheTheory better than its competitors in the market. Also, as Neha likes to put it, she understands the pain points of students as she herself faced this problem, so this is another thing that sets them apart.

Through FSE 301, Neha realized that it is important to be able to execute an idea and make it a reality rather than just thinking about it. “Coming from an engineering background and having to come up with ideas to build a venture helped me realize the importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset and the hustle behind building a successful business.” Neha learned that building a startup requires getting out of your comfort zone, constantly communicating ideas with people, being open to feedback, and having to work with deadlines that have real consequences otherwise.

Neha stated “FSE 301/ENT 360 – Entrepreneurship and Value Creation is an unconventional class which helps students gain hands-on experience from having an idea on paper to the process of executing it. It is a class that teaches you to communicate, take challenges head-on and not fear failure. I recommend all my Engineering and Barrett Honors fellows to get enrolled in this class and gain the experience of a lifetime.”

Click the following link to watch CacheTheory’s pitch: https://www.youtube.com/watch