David Richardson, pictured above (far right), with his team at ASU SkySong

bioSyntagma has been awarded “Best Oncology-Focused Precision Medicine Company 2018” by Global Health and Pharma, a UK-based publication that recognizes global companies for improving public health, enhancing patient care, and lowering healthcare costs.  This award follows several commercial milestones with strategic partners and Big Pharma using bioSyntagma’s beta-instruments to offer biomarker discovery services.

Striving to eliminate-trial-and-error cancer treatments through predictive analytics and novel diagnostic tools, bioSyntagma has developed a suite of AI-enabled technologies that collectively create the Molecular Fingerprint™.  “The Molecular Fingerprint (mPrint) is how personalized medicine transitions from a buzzword to reality,” said David Richardson, CEO of bioSyntagma.  “It’s not about a specific drug but about combinations of therapies that precisely match the state of a person’s disease. We are honored GHP recognizes the impact of our work.”

The Arizona State University spin-out company and current client at the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation is now building more instruments to support broader enrollment in their Early Access Program to provide spatial profiling services.  This will enable bioSyntagma to support data acquisition for joint discovery and predictive analytic applications.


About bioSyntagma

bioSyntagma is a precision medicine company that enables advanced biomarker discovery and patient screening. Its suite of platform technologies enables comprehensive, multi-omic and spatial profiling of tissues to get a complete and informed understanding of a patient’s cancer so they can be matched with relevant therapies and provided recommendations to avoid acquiring drug resistance.  bioSyntagma serves the needs of clinicians, academic researchers, and drug developers to advance the implementation of precision medicine for cancer treatment.

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