Arizona State University’s Fulton Schools officially launched their Startup Center Thursday as a way to empower undergraduate and graduate students within the schools to explore entrepreneurial ideas.

The Center will offer innovation courses, workshops, mentoring and other events.

“We’ve positioned this competition to be at the top of the funnel in terms of identifying students across the ASU portfolio to be given small dollar amounts of funding to put them on a track to get more funding and traction both internally and externally,” Startup Center Director Brent Sebold said. “The Startup Center is meant to be a mechanism to marshal all of the talent.”

As part of the launch day, 15 early-stage student startups competed in the eSeed Challenge Demo Day by Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering; the startups competed for cash and admission to the eSeed Accelerator. The top 10 startups received $5,000 and admission to the accelerator.

Meet the top 10 startup winners.