Two robotics engineering students out of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering have found a way to take recyclable plastic and turn it into filament for 3-D printers.

“3DCycler is a product and a system built around turning recyclable plastics like water bottles, party cups, Tupperware, anything like that, into 3-D printable filament that can be used to print new parts,” co-founder of 3DCycler and robotics Joshua Kosar said.

t all started when Kosar asked the question, “Why can’t we recycle this stuff that we have sitting around the lab?” With that, 3DCycler was born.

Kosar and his co-founder Riley Chicci started working on the idea last January.

“We started out on our own dime developing it with parts pulled together from here and there,” Kosar said. “We threw the initial funding down ourselves and built on that.” 

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